Top Benefits of Using a Masticating Juicer

If you never used a masticating juicer, then I can tell you that a masticating juicer can change your experience about juicer. But before you buy one you might know the thing you want from a juicer. If you like a better texture and less pulp and don't lose temper frequently then it's the thing you are looking for.


If you look for a juicer, then the first term you encounter is “centrifugal”. It's easily understandable. The masticating juicer is also known as the single auger or single gear juicer. Both offline and online it's considered to be the most affordable and popular juicing gadget. However, if you want to gather more knowledge on it read this whole post.

The Way it Works🤩


  • It Works Slowly but Surely.
  • A masticating juicer doesn't work faster like the centrifugal ones. That's because it has a single blade and gear. It crashes and spins slowly and works until they turn into liquid form. After that, it moves them to the filter.
  • For some people, this slow speed may seem a bane. But if you want to get better quality
  • Reduces the Chance of Oxidation

This is manufactured in such way that the slow movement of its gear and blade and reduces the chance of oxidation. That is the juice isn’t immediately damaged by the oxygen.

Hence you can store the juice for some hours. The blade is able to break the cell membrane releasing the nutrients as well as the juice. Hence you can experience a better taste along with texture.

Downsides of masticating juicer

Because of having no big chutes, you can’t get a bigger fruit into it.

A masticating juicer is really more expensive than the centrifugal ones. That’s why many people criticize about it.

These are actually slower than the centrifugal juicer. Hence if you're used to leading a fast-paced lifestyle these are not perfect considering your patience. But some masticating juicers are actually very faster almost the same of centrifugal.

Why you Need a Masticating Juicer😮

These can handle almost any types of vegetables. The single gear crushes and presses the herbs to form their juice whereas it comes out flying in case of centrifugal juicers.

The motor of this juicer never makes any sound or noise. Hence you can make juices the whole night and nobody would know.

The slow processing helps the juicer not to be overheated.

You would get a fresh juice since it produces no pulp and foam.

Although it’s a single gear juicer but it works in a two steps process. Hence the machine releases the highest amount of juice from the fruit and you get a smoother texture and a higher yield.


There are multiple benefits of a masticating juicer over its little downsides. Nowadays it has become the most popular juicer because of its efficiency. So, if you do care for your family then look no further.